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  1. Instructions

    Thank you for purchasing this Application. Develop your bridge expertise with our virtual flashcard learning system.

    With the purchase you have already received a set of cards and can start right away These cards have been selected to give you a taste of the available flashcard sets. Just click on "shop" at the bottom to buy more sets on the topics you want to learn.

    Due to the large number of card sets now available we have introduced a new feature to enable pre-selection of the level of bidding and play (beginner, intermediate, advanced) as well as the system (SAYC, ACOL, 2over1, Precision, etc.) and the theme. Check the boxes to make your selections and only the applicable card sets will be displayed for purchase. If you uncheck the boxes, all available sets will once again be displayed. You can find more detailed instructions on our home page - to go there just click on the bear at the top of the card. We hope you enjoy using this new feature!

    You can mix all your sets or edit them individually. Learn for as long as you want and as much as you like. You may cancel or continue at any time.

    Under "learning" you will see a flashcard. Read the question and think about the answer. To flip the card swipe it to the left.

    On the back you see the answer and a detailed explanation. Now rate yourself! To do this tap one of the coloured buttons:

    Purple: you are totally wrong - the question will be repeated very soon.

    Light red: the answer was wrong, but you should really have known the answer - the question will be repeated.

    Green: the answer was correct but not yet perfect. The question will only be repeated after a lot of others.

    Dark green: you can answer this in your sleep. The question was too easy. It will only be repeated at the very end.

    Based on your previous learning success our innovative learning system determines a date to present the same question again. Questions you have answered successfully are only presented to you again after a long time. Questions you answered incorrectly will be returned immediately to the pot of the current flashcards.

    The program informs you once you have completed all flash cards scheduled for the day and you may take a break. However, if you already want to continue to the next day, you can choose this by simply clicking a button.

    Under "success" you can see the current learning status for each set of cards. Here you may also disable a particular set of cards, even temporarily, if for example you want to concentrate on a particular topic. You must select at least one set.

    In our "shop"" you can buy more flashcard sets. You can also update the flashcard sets you have already purchased if an update is available. We try to publish new sets every week and we are planning a variety of topics related to bidding, card play, conventions and different systems. We also plan to include different languages soon.

    Although we try to be very thorough, errors may occur. Please report these directly to us and we will review your complaint and make a correction as soon as we have checked it. It will then be possible to receive the corrected set, normally on the same day, by using the option "Reload".

    To reach us just click on the bear logo at the top of the app.

  2. Terms of Service

    With your purchase of this app you agree to our Terms of Service. The content and the graphic design of this app is copyrighted. The learning material may not be wholly or partially reproduced - neither manually nor mechanically. It is not permitted to recompile or modify.

    We assume no responsibility for any errors that may occur in spite of our quality control.

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Privacy Policy

This app requires an Internet connection to download catalogue data sets and card sets purchased on your mobile phone. No personal or private data are transmitted from the phone to our servers. In-app purchases are handled via the Apple AppStore. In this case, the privacy provisions of Apple apply.