Brand new app BRIDGE DODDLE

Our work is done. Even if the development process turned me gray to my last hair, here it is: the new international version of Bridge Doddle app is now available in the Apple store (iTunes) and in the Google Play store. Click on the badges beside.
All of our pre-existing clients will of course be able to access it free of charge.

It now includes the new sets for SAYC, Better Minor, ACOL (3 different styles) and
Forum D 2012 – the most current five-card-major-system of the German Bridge Association.

Additional versions for other operating systems will soon follow.

Throughout the upcoming world championships in Lyon from 12th to 26th of August we present you with a great opportunity. For 14 days we offer you 14 sets at the special price of only 1 Euro / US Dollar excluding local taxes. Make your choice at our shop now and download the sets to your device.

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